RL Researcher Kit

Unlock Spot's mobility with Reinforcement Learning

The Reinforcement Learning (RL) Researcher Kit provides a license for our joint-level API to broaden research possibilities—from faster gaits to more complex movements. Train in a ready-to-use simulation environment, then implement in the real world with the assurance of premium hardware servicing.

  • Create Advanced Skills: Get lower level access to Spot to explore new behaviors and capabilities.
  • Get Started Quickly: Access everything you need out-of-the-box to keep innovating with Spot.
  • Explore More Freely: Protect your robot with a custom simulator and premium service.
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Spot Researcher API

Our joint-level API expands on publicly available developer tools

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Open Source Simulator

Dynamic model of Spot and a mimic of the Spot Researcher API available in NVIDIA Isaac Lab

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With Spot, we provide a flexible platform for mobility and manipulation. Now it’s your turn to change how we think about robotics.