So, you’re interested in robotic automation, but you’re not sure how deployment would look in reality. How can you deploy your fleet with the least friction, fastest time to productivity, and greatest ROI possible? From commissioning to managing change, even the most innovative companies face hurdles when introducing new technologies to industrial facilities. In this webinar, we’ll dive into proven methods for overcoming the most common challenges operations teams experience as they deploy robots. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Get Spot running autonomous missions at your site
  • Prepare your workforce for mobile robots and other change management strategies
  • Set your team up for success with training and support from Boston Dynamics
  • Start tracking ROI from Day One with our help

Whether you have a robot today or are considering your first investment, this webinar will be of interest to any manufacturer looking to secure buy-in and set their robotics program up for both quick wins and long-term success.