Departments and agencies around the world have started deploying agile mobile robots to keep officers out of harm’s way. First through the door, Spot enables incident commanders to quickly investigate, assess, and de-escalate dangerous or hazardous scenarios. Joined by our partners FLYMOTION, as well as Spot user Lt. Francis Rego of the Miami-Dade Police Department Special Response Team, we will highlight real use cases where Spot was instrumental in safely ending a scenario.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Spot’s design and user interface is built for agencies to quickly deploy and traverse challenging environments
  • How Spot’s modular mission payloads and partner ecosystem have Spot to respond to all dangerous and hazardous situations
  • How Spot Arm helps gain entry through closed doors and  enables safer investigation of suspicious packages
  • Hear first hand how Miami-Dade Police Department uses Spot in special response scenarios