Artificial intelligence is enabling Industry 4.0 leaders to tackle persistent challenges in new and exciting ways. For asset-intensive industries, the promise of AI is predictability—being able to anticipate and alleviate issues before they occur, to detect hidden patterns impacting asset performance, and to equip teams with data-driven insights. The key to excelling in this AI-enabled future is consistent, reliable data. That’s why the top factories, foundries, and plants across the world are using Spot to gather higher quality and higher quantities of data than ever.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Introduce our newest tool for scaling autonomous data collection and analysis
  • Discuss how enhancements to Spot are making it easier to integrate our robots into your facility for thermal, acoustic, and visual inspections
  • Demo mission planning, scheduling, alerts, and analysis in our new fleet management software
  • Share how customers are deploying mobile robots and modern software to improve efficiency and reliability